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      My name is Al Salehi, and I'm committed to making your voice heard. Like you, I want to play an active role in making our community and city a safer, better place to raise children, conduct business, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise.  If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference -- for our families, our communities, and our City!


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FOR a better buena Park!

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Al Salehi

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Who is the real al salehi?

editorial by chris norby   [fmr oc supervisor]


     Many of you already know that Al is an incumbent with the Buena Park Library District, he is the CEO of a biotechnology firm, and he has worked with influential figures like President Bill Clinton and Governor Bill Richardson over the past two decades.  He is also a local business owner here in Buena Park and has studied at both UCLA and USC.

But what you may not know, and what I cannot emphasize enough, is that Al Salehi is – above anything else – a good man.  If the chips are ever down for you, Al Salehi will stand by your side and fight for you. If you or your business faces undue pressure from the government, he will remind everyone that the presumption of innocence is a hallmark of our justice system.

     I have seen Al fight for families in their darkest hours and save them from losing their homes. I have seen Al fight for businesses and save them from losing their permits and licenses. As a result of standing up for people in need, Al has lost endorsements and political opportunities. Al, however, believes that doing the right thing for his community produces its own karma-based reward system. He has invited me and many others into his Buena Park home and treated us like family when we were in need. He has proven -- time and time again -- that he will be by your side every step of the way.

     That is just the kind of guy Al is.  When he promises something, he delivers on it – even at his own peril.  He will fight for you if he believes your cause to be true and just. Al will go the extra mile when no one else will. He will be a voice for you when yours has diminished, and I am certain that he will be a voice for all the citizens of Buena Park – young and old, rich and poor - when he is on the City Council.

     This isn’t a Republican or a Democrat thing; this is one of those rare events whereby the voters can truly facilitate change by electing a man of the people, for the people. Many candidates say they are for “all of us,” but this one has proved it time and time again by fighting to keep a library open, fighting eviction laws, fighting to balance the budget, and fighting to revitalize Highway 39 and local businesses in Buena Park.

Trustee Al Salehi is the only running non-incumbent who currently holds a political office. He has vast fiscal experience -- from both the public and private sectors -- when our community needs it most.  Al is also the only “non-retired” candidate who actually has his hands on the pulse of the business climate and the community due to his material investment in, and involvement with, Buena Park. 

     Born in Orange County, Al has spent the last 20 years fighting to make a better Buena Park.  As your former Supervisor and Assemblyman, I implore you to help Al fight for you and our wonderful city by electing him to the City Council.  His passion, his record, and his character are truly unparalleled.  

Trustee Salehi with assembly members Norby (R) and Daly (D); 
Fighting for a Better Buena Park.


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I do not support any development projects without due diligence and a proper report to see exactly what the negative impact will be on

our traffic and safety!

Save our Parks!

We fall far below federal guidelines for open park space. Without our Parks we would be Buena "no park" and that would be no Bueno!

Revitalize Hwy. 39